’Abri Properties’
‘Abri,’ [uh-bree], is an old French noun meaning ‘protection,’ ‘shelter,’ ‘shield,’ ‘cover,’ ‘screen,’ ‘a safe haven’ or ‘a roof over your head.’

The organization was set up based on the philosophy that Shelter is one of the basic Human needs, a place that can protect us, keep us warm and safe, and give us the encouragement to satisfy other needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, shelter is one of the requirements for addressing our physiological needs in order to be motivated to move to our next level of needs.

Abri Properties Ghana is a branch of US-based Real Estate Brokerage; The Abri Group LLC.

Founded in 2011, Abri Properties is the newest, advanced and most comprehensive real estate company in Ghana.

We are full-service, specializing in a range of residential and commercial real estate services including: sales, marketing, property management, valuation, due diligence, site acquisition/ lease management, project financing, real estate training and consultancy services.

We offer single family homes, apartments, condominiums, office spaces, land and warehouses for sale or lease.

We pride ourselves in our expertise with foreign direct investment consultations, expatriate relocation and settlement services. We have provided strategic corporate advisory and settlement services to several international organizations setting up in Ghana. With demonstrable connections and experience in the Global real estate market, we have built a reputable network serving our clients locally and internationally.

We are certified as International Property Specialists (CIPS) and can handle all kinds of international referral transactions.

With Abri Properties, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and a different kind of real estate experience, one that exposes you to the full depth of our local and international knowledge and experience while providing you with uncommon courtesy, unflinching honesty, and unsurpassed leadership.

We will guide you through all areas of engagement step by step, applying the most strategic solutions and technological advancements while using our unique expertise in the areas of personal networking, marketing, and negotiations.

A collective knowledge from a team of professionals with over 20 years of domestic and international experience as well as insights to all real estate areas acquired and implemented by working in local and international markets.

We offer a fully integrated platform that is designed to help Buyers, Sellers, Landlords and Tenantsenants achieve their real estate goals through aggressive and proactive marketing using the latest marketing and brokerage techniques that are necessary to navigate today’s challenging real estate environment.

These techniques combine outstanding customer service with the use of high-quality signage, professionally created brochures, dynamic internet marketing, consistent cold and warm calling efforts, diligent follow-through and results-oriented closing activities.

Corporate Philosophy
At Abri Properties, our clients mean the world to us.
We do not measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of our clients.
Our engagements are as diverse as our clients, they are exciting and challenging. We pledge to be in constant communication with our clients, keeping them fully informedthroughout the entire buying or selling process. With the highest level of ethical standards, professionalism and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our Clients’ expectations. They consult us for answers to complex real estate problems and we deliver practical solutions that work.
Given the range of problems we solve for our clients, we are constantly challenged to grow, improve, accomplish more, and most of all, drive change.
Our Core Values
We believe in ethics and the best international practices and we collaborate with advanced organizations to implement and share research, knowledge and best practices. Service, expertise, community and fun form the core of who we are.
These values guide how we live and work, helping us create memorable experiences for our clients and accelerate the success of everyone we touch. When property services are guided by ethics and shared values, we perform at a higher level, creating lasting personal relationships among our colleagues, clients, and the communities we serve.
We create positive, memorable experiences by exceeding expectations both in business outcomes and in personal interactions. Integrity, ethics and empathy guide every interaction and define our service approach with clients and colleagues.
We pride ourselves on building and sharing expertise in order to create success for our clients and our people. Our passion for continuously expanding our knowledge base enables us to take a fresh and imaginative approach to everything we do.
We are deeply committed to the communities within which we operate, and to building sustainable business practices, environments and workplaces. We show compassion for those in need and we value and respect each other’s differences and individuality.
We value an optimistic, energetic and dynamic work environment that emphasizes social as well as business interaction. We are successful because we enjoy what we do. We believe it’s not just what we do for our clients, but also how we do it that creates memorable experiences for us all.
Social Responsibility
Abri is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. This keeps our communities healthy while supporting long-term business success.
At Abri, we believe that sustainability and social responsibility are a team effort. That is why we take a collaborative approach towards our client relations. As part of this commitment, we introduce sustainability initiatives such as client education programs into our transactions.
We work hard to educate our commercial Partners to get LEED certified, Best and Energy star designations. We give back to the community through our Nonprofit arm, The Abri Foundation mobilizing and providing resources for real estate education, technology, and development for Africa as well as providing free consultancy services to governments.
Our team members volunteer their time serving on Boards and committees of local and Global Associations and organizations. They also provide individualized consumer education programs.